Practice of Marlise Bachmann

I am a certified psychologist-psychotherapist FSP recognized on federal level since 2005.

My basic training as a psychologist is in the systemic approach, which I have subsequently enriched with a wide range of different approaches such as brief therapy, Imago relational therapy, inner dialogue, meditation, emotional regulation and sexuality among others.

Consultations for adults

Individual Therapy a session last 60 minutes and includes 10 minutes for record keeping. The fee is of 140 CHF*

Couple Therapy a session lasts from 90 minutes and to 120 minutes includes 15 minutes for record keepingThe fee is of 280 CHF *

* If you have a financial problem with the rates, it is possible to discuss them and find an arrangement.

Insurance reimbursement

Registered as a Psychologist-Psychotherapist FSP on the list of SANTÉ-SUISSE, the sessions are partially reimbursed by the complementary insurances. Check with your insurance company to find out how you are covered for individual and couple therapy and if you need a doctor’s prescription. The date of the prescription will prevail for the refund. Receipts are issued at the end of the month. The Swiss Federation of Psychologists (FSP) provides a list of insurances that cover this type of reimbursement.


As a Psychologist-Psychotherapist, I cannot prescribe medication. However, if it is necessary to introduce a treatment, I can, with your agreement, contact your general practitioner in order to coordinate our care as well as possible or advise you on a psychiatrist who can help you find the appropriate medication by working in a network with me.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapies, I like to set the goals with my client and adapt the pace of the follow-up and my tools to the client’s situation.

Couple Therapy

I welcome couples with all kinds of problems, sometimes for only one session or for several sessions, sometimes for a long-term follow-up, depending on your needs. These are personalized sessions where you will discover practical means in a way that is adapted to your current couple situation. As a basic tool, I allow you to discover the Imago approach and, depending on the situation, I enrich the follow-up with other various tools.

Workshop for couples

A workshop allows you to develop and enrich your relationship. It is an excellent introduction to familiarize yourself with Imago or an ideal complement to practice what you have learned in your private sessions. You will receive information on how relationships work and why you sometimes struggle, as well as many opportunities to practice your communication with your partner. You can also get involved in both a therapy and a workshop, they will enrich each other or you can choose the one that suits you best.

The workshop is given in French, but you can ask for a support in English and are allowed to speak in your own language to each other during the practices.

Marlise Bachmann
Psychotherapist recognized on federal level
Advanced Certified Imago Couple Therapist and workshop presenter
Avenue Viollier, 15 bis
Door code 0055
1260 Nyon

Directions : the office is located opposite the COOP Pronto store at the Nyon train station. The entrance to 15bis avenue de Viollier is located between the Pénélope wool shop and the art supply shop, a little further back. The door code is 0055.

Parking : you can park at the Place Perdtemps which is 100 m from the Nyon train station towards the lake.
+41 79 759 38 07